Monthly Update: May 2024
著者 Rosco Kalis
May 31, 2024

Monthly Update: May 2024

In May we've been working some exciting things. Most of the new features and updates are still a work in progress, so we can't share too much yet. We hope to share all of the exciting new updates when they're completed in the months to come! For now, we can only share the things that we did release in May.

Pentesting Guide

In May we collaborated with Jason Doyle, a security researcher in the web3 space, who has hlped us and a bunch of other security tools improve our products. In May he wrote a guide on how to pentest web3 applications, which we published on our blog. We hope that this guide will help more people become security researchers in web3 to make the space more secure for everyone.

Pentesting Guide

Fixes, Improvements & Refactoring

The past two months have been all about refactoring and cleaning up our codebase. Unfortunately, these kinds of big structural changes tend to come with additional work and fixes required to make everything work again, even after launching. In May, we fixed a bunch of bugs and issues that came up after the refactoring work we did in March and April.

New Supported Networks

While we support 90+ different blockchain networks already, we're always looking to add more. In May we added support for 4 new mainnets.

New Mainnets:

New Testnets: