Monthly Update: June 2023
著者 Rosco Kalis
Jun 30, 2023

Monthly Update: June 2023

The focus in June was mostly on building out our new knowledgebase platform so we can properly educate new users on crypto and the risks that exist within the crypto ecosystem. We also visited Prague for the Prague DeFi Summit and ETHPrague where we connected with a bunch of great people. Read on to learn more about what we've been up to in June. Team in Prague

Early in June the team visited Prague for the Prague DeFi Summit and ETHPrague hackathon. It was great to meet some of the other folks in the crypto space working on open source public goods, like the teams behind Rotki and Sourcify. Team in Prague

We had a great time and are looking forward to the next crypto event to spend some more time with these awesome people.

Learn Section

Token Approvals are a big part of the DeFi ecosystem, but they are also still often misunderstood. And more generally it can be difficult for new crypto users to understand the risks that exist when using crypto applications and how they can stay safe. That is why this month we've introduced our new Learn section. This section contains a bunch of articles that explain things ranging from the basics of crypto to more advanced security topics.

Learn Section

While we added the Learn page, we also decided to brush up on some more content on the website. So we also added a new About page and made updates to our FAQ. We've also updated som eof our terminology to be more consistent with other crypto projects. The new Learn section already includes a bunch of articles, but we'll be adding more in the coming months. If there is anything you'd like to see added, please let us know.

Fixes and Improvements

Besides these larger changes we're also always making smaller updates that improve the overall experience of using and keep the website running. This month we focused on accessibility improvements, bug fixes and improvements to layout shift to make sure that the website is usable by everyone. We also migrated to WalletConnect v2, the new version of the popular wallet connection protocol.

New Exploits

Over three million dollars worth of funds were lost in exploits this month. We saw two big exploits on BNB Chain as DeFi protocol Atlantis Loans saw their governance attacked through a malicious proposal and decentralised exchange Biswap getting exploited through a bug in their migration contract. There were also two smaller whitehat hacks, where bugs in the contracts of Hashflow and Unagii were whitehat hacked to secure user funds. You can check if you're affected by these exploits below: