Monthly Update: June 2024
作者:Rosco Kalis
Jun 30, 2024
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Monthly Update: June 2024

In June we launched a new logo and brand identity for as well as a full overhaul of our browser extension. This was something we'd been planning and working on for a while now, so it's really great to have it finally out in the wild. We also reached a big milestone of 100 supported EVM networks, with more still being added every month.

Rebranding & Redesign was created in 2019, with its first logo only slightly changing once since then. The old logo was a simple black and white clipart of a shield, with the Ethereum icon layered on top. And while we love Ethereum, the reality is that we support over 100 different EVM blockchains today, both within the Ethereum ecosystem and outside of it.

New Branding

So our brand needed to evolve to stand on its own. That is why we decided to partner up with full-stack designer Richard Schumann to launch a new logo and brand identity for As part of the rebrand we also overhauled the look and feel of our browser extension, which hadn't received any significant design updates since its launch in 2022.

New Extension

The main website is still mostly the same, but we've updated some parts of the website to reflect our new brand. We're planning to make further improvements to the website in the coming months. If you want to read more about the rebranding process, you can read Richard Schumann's guest post on our blog.

New Supported Networks

This month we added support for 6 new mainnets, which brings us to a big milestone of supporting over 100 different EVM networks. started in 2019 as a tool to revoke token approvals on only Ethereum, but in 2021 we started expanding to other EVM networks and we're very excited that we now support over 100 of them.

New Mainnets: