Sei Token Approval Checker

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What Is Sei?

Sei is a Layer 1 blockchain that uses a consensus mechanism based on Delegated Proof of Stake. The network aims to provide a high throughput and low fees by focusing its efforts on parallelization of the EVM execution layer. The native token of Sei is SEI. Learn more about Sei on its website.

Learn how to add Sei to your wallet on our Learn page.

What Are Sei Token Approvals?

Token approvals are used to give permission to a smart contract to spend your tokens on your behalf. This is a common pattern used by decentralized exchanges and other decentralized applications. This is an important feature for the functioning of decentralized applications on Sei and other blockchain networks, but it can also be dangerous if left unchecked. Learn more about token approvals in our Learn article.

How to Revoke Sei Token Approvals.

When you enter your address above, you will see a list of all your Sei token approvals. The list will contain all the token approval details, such as the date, amount and spender. You can sort the list and filter it by any of these properties. You can then revoke any token approval by clicking the revoke button, which will prompt your wallet to confirm the revoke transaction, costing a small gas fee. Besides Sei you can also check your approvals on 100+ other networks by using the dropdown menu. Learn more about revoking token approvals in our Learn article.