Add Cronos to MetaMask

Add Cronos to MetaMask

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What Is Cronos?

Cronos is the EVM-compatible sidechain for the blockchain. Cronos uses a Proof of Authority consensus mechanism, which makes the chain fast and cheap to use, but compromises on decentralization. It also uses the Inter Blockchain Communications (IBC) protocol to enable interoperability between Cronos and other blockchains. The native token of Cronos is CRO. Learn more about Cronos on its website.

Steps To Add Cronos to MetaMask

The process of adding Cronos to your wallet may be slightly different depending on the wallet you are using. The steps below are for MetaMask. If you are using a different wallet, there is most likely a similar process that you can follow.

1. Open your wallet and go to the "Add network" page.

MetaMask Add Network 1

MetaMask Add Network 2

2. Enter the required details and click "Save".

After entering all the required details, you can click "Save" to add Cronos to MetaMask.

Network name
Chain ID
Currency symbol
Block explorer URL (Optional)

Alternatively, you can use our one-click button so you don't need to enter the required details manually.